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Greeting fellow Tolkien fans, I am glad to find this british Forum on Tolkien. Not a newbe to Tolkiens world and am content with giving and recieving knowledge to those who are willing.
Welcome Lord of all,
we all will appreciate your...ummm...knowledge in Tolkien's world and know that you will be a valuble asset to our online community...for your information many people are not from Britian...

Hi and well met, Lord of all. And yes, the non-brits outweigh the brits here.
not on your nelly, my life long passion is to have Brit's rule the world haha, im British, but i like to be called English,

Oh yeah Welcome Lord of all, i take off my cyber hat to you Smile Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Lord of All. Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie

I'm a Yank and I'm against all Empires, especially in this day and age.
Down with the Corpratocracy!!!

Down with socks too (I was going to suggest something else, but it wouldn't have been family friendly).

Welcome to PT, Lord of all. So which part of America are you from?
Welcome to PT !!! Looking forward to learn from you Lord of all . See you in the threads
I'm a Yank and I'm against all Empires, especially in this day and age.

Ah, now that explains why Emperor Akihito of Japan has suddenly retracted the Japanese ambassador from Washington D.C.
sare and enjoy.
Aye, well met Lord of all. I hope you find PT to be to your liking.