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Dear all

Hello! My name is Darren Reid, and like all of you am a big fan of Tolkien and just about any other type of fantasy or science fiction. To let you know a bit about myself, I am a sturggling/aspiring author whose first book, Lord of Darkness and Shadow (a Fantasy/Science Fiction story in a similar vein to the work of Frank Herbert, Eric Van Lustbader and Iain M. Banks) has just been released. I also am organising a writing contest for my publisher doing very short stories, something i think i seen mentioned on this site. If anyone wants more details of that stuff, just reply to this thread Smile Smilie

Hope everyone is good,

Darren Reid
Hi Darren and welcome. I gather you are from the UK? An author? A real author? Wow! Some of us only dream of that....

Anyway, enjoy the site and please feel free to join discussions.

Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Darren. Happy Elf Smilie Check out our Writers Guild. Read Smilie Share and enjoy.
Hi Vee et al

hehe, well i am trying at least! If you are an aspiring writer check out the writing contest in the advertisement section of the forum - it is was posted by me but moved so appears under someone elses name

Take care everyone Smile Smilie

Oh man! I was away for just one day and I miss the arrival of an author! A real live author!!! I'm just staggered. Can you tell us a bit more about your new book? I like to read a lot of fantasy.
Visit for more information.
Hi Cloverless

Just visit the website - I don't wanna spam this board - the advertising board on the other hand Wink Smilie If you do decide to get the book i would love you to write me a little review - it's a kick hearing opinions from fantasy fans, good and not so good Wink Smilie

Take care everyone

Does my name really inspire people to "Cloverless", whatever that is?

But never mind the name. I'll visit the website.

And yes, Mir, I know you're the sharp one.
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. Good site, good folks, much data and thought provoking discussion. All of which makes me feel a little guilty for being away so long.....
Hi and welcome Darrenreid!
I hope to see you around the boards.
Waving Hello Smilie

And welcome back Morambar, you've got some catching up to do now. Wink Smilie