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Fortune favors me! I did not hope for such good company in a world so lacking in magic. My heart swells at the thought of many merry meetings in the future. Please educate me in the ways of this new place.
Ellen Sila L’menn' Omentielvo! and such. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Guess that Top 100 Sites thing IS good for something after all.
Welcome, and thank the Winds for guiding a new member safely to our haven! Enjoy all we have to share with you, and share your fresh new voice with us! The Winds have favored us of late, guiding such fine people to us!
Welcome again! There is magic all around - sometimes you have to look for it and sometimes it just pops up and pinches your nose.
A warm welcome to you! Enjoy your stay! I hope to see you round often,

Hi Starhawk, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

For the convenience(?) of newbies, we have posted FAQ and chatFAQ and List of Website Rules which should answer a few of your questions about the website. You can also access our Planet Tolkien Help data base via the Help/FAQ link in the horizontal menu below our banner on each page.

For those questions that remain unanswered, especially Tolkien related, just ask and someone will most assuredly provide an answer for you. (Even if they don't know from whence you entered.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

'Share and enjoy!'
Mae govannen!! And welcome to one those few havens of magic that have become so rare in the world.
Fionw’ Urion
Saesa omentien lle, pleasure meeting you, and welcome to PT, and i love your avatar, suits your name just fine, see you around the threads........
Thank you kindly for all the warmth.Happy Elf Smilie
um would this happen to be your website??? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, merely a coincedence. However, I do have a great respect for the idea that the world around us is precious. Elf Winking Smilie Also, before you find, I have no websites to my name.
hmmm suspicious and witty!!!! reminds me of well... me! go to the party tree in the forsaken inn and then we will know who you really are Paranoid Smilie