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Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. You're blessed to have found what I consider the best of many Tolkien sites, full of many nice and knowlegable folks. *resists urge for a dig at various others* Feel free to click the link and voice your agreement by voting for us; last I checked we were one vote out of first for the week ending 000 CST. ;-p Anyway, once again, welcome and have fun.
Welcome Νinerl to our humble abode, hope you enjoy your stay here, and Mor, by 'nice folk' you mean me right??? Anyway, please do tell us more about yourself and visit the party tree in the Golden Perch? i think, anyway look in one of the Taverns, welcome again and feel free to call me Loss
Hi there Ninerl Smile SmilieWELCOME to PT !! As Loss says tell us a little about yourself Smile Smilie
Hope to see you around in the threadsSmile Smilie Have a nice day
Hi and welcome Ninerl. I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Please do not type your posts in capitals as it is deemed shouting. You might wake up some dark beast from the depths.

Remember what happened to Gandalf, eh? And of course, Loss, all PT members are nice and knowledgable. But those who vote for us at the Top 100 Sites page are the sagest and nicest, right? ;-p
Hello Νinerl, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!

Glad you got your login problem straightened out.
Hello Ninerl!

I am one of the "newer " new-comers. But I "see" you wander around on our planet and find it engaging "duelling" with you.
A heartful of halloen from me, and please tell me when I can count you in on my Buddy list!
I'm Raffy and a fan of Elvis
Rafael thanks for the welcome you can pm me any time and put me in your list.See ya
Hey Ninerl, wow, so this is your intro thread? Didn't think you were THAT new, you've already got so many posts under your belt! Nice having you around, you've provided PT with some great life.
Halloen again Nin!

Thanks! I see you in the threads. You are listed, friend! Snowman Smilie
No Cloverless,I'm not that new,Isaw Rafael's post and wanted to thank him.Than's for you kind words!! I was away for some days I don think anyone noticed it!see ya all
Hi, I'm Henry. I joined at the behest of arwenstar. She's kinda cool i guess.

I'm kinda into roleplaying and I like LOTR. So, if I do anything wrong just yell at me and I'll try to correct myself. Yeah. thats me.

Howdy Henry, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
Hey there HenryWaving Hello Smilie WELCOME to PT!!I'll be lloking for you in the threads:SHARE and ENJOYHappy Elf Smilie
Welcome Henry, Arwenstar is kinda cool??? Shes more than that, shes amazingly cool!!! Welcome nonetheless Orc Smiling Smilie
lmao, ty loss......i told him someone would stick up for me when he wrote that. welcome henry and sugar is bad in the morning, especially that many zours.
Always glad to stick up for you Arwy, and yay, I proved you right Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Heimdall? Norse gods are always welcome! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

And welcome to all other new and newly returned members! I haven't been any good at welcoming people lately. Sorry about that. Orc Sad Smilie
Awesome! Someone ELSE knows their norse gods!
Greetings and thats all I'm going to say I'm mean and grouchy and you cant make me say more. Smile Smilie
mean and grouchy? i don't believe i've seen that side before. =P maybe ur just jealous he gets to see me on a reg basis.
Awesome! Someone ELSE knows their norse gods!

As the resident Viking Queen, it's expected from me. Wink Smilie I had two ravens as an avatar a while back, now replaced with an eagle, since those are Tolkiens version of Hugin and Munin. And because it was pretty.
Heimdallr is a song from the Norwegian Viking metal band Enslaved, I believe.

He's an interesting god... the last god to fall on the battlefield of Vigrid, where he and Loki would slay one another..
Hello all. the purpose of this post is to thank everyone in this site for their friendly attitute towards me.Since I'm a member here,I have learned about JRR Tolkien ,I have had friends ,exchanged opinions and thoughts and I generaly feel like home here!! Tigger Smilie In conclusion,I want to thank you all for being so friendly Jumping Flame Smilie Ninerl
thanks for the welcome but the reason I sent my post was to thank everyone for being friendly during my months of membership.A warm welcome to you to Arath!