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Hi im Daniel and and im 13 and well i meant to be an Elf from Rivendell but accidently chose orc from isengard so that sucks... but anyway hi! And my login name is now Elforein... to prove im and Elf... disguising myself as an orc for a secret attackSmile Smilielol
Hi Elforin,
Welcome to the PT family.
No worries about choosing the wrong homeland. Once you have accumulated 400 mithril, you can change your race and homeland. Smile Smilie
You earn 20 mithril each day that you login.
Hi Elforein, welcome to PT, hope you have a thirst for JRRT knowledge, most people do, thats why we are here, unless they already know and want to tell you answers, but that has to be the case because where would you get the answers in the first place?? im confused, oh well welcome again Dan great name by the way Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. Talk about a miss is as good as a mile. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie We seem to be getting overrun with Orcs of late, but it's all good. Just don't forget to VOTE PT!!! ;-p Anyway, the more the merrier; see ya 'round the boards.
Welcome to our happy family Elforein. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy!
Welcome to PT Elfforein Smile Smilie Hope you have lots of fun !! See you around in the threads Smile SmilieShare and Enjoy !! Where are you from ?
Hello Elforein! It's always a splendid feeling to see new faces here. Enjoy everything we have to offer!
Mellon what do you mean where am i from???
hi againSmile Smilie I was just wondering what country you are from ? ( Im from Norway )