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I am an Irish fan of Tolkien and have been for almost twenty five years. Discovering Middle-Earth has led me to discover a world of different writers that I might otherwise never have discovered. As a youngster I loved the Greek, Norse and Irish myths and legends, getting into Tolkien was like rediscovering those tales. Last year I visited New Zealand and it was so easy to see why Peter Jackson chose this country to film in.
Welcome, Macangearr!

I'm new here myself, but I'm quickly discovering that PT is a wonderful place!
Enjoy your stay!

Hey and welcome to PT Macangearr Happy Elf Smilie
Im from Norway and Ive been at PT since last year , still loving it Smile SmilieEveryone is very helpfull and friendly.
So you have visited New Zealand , how I envie you !!! Ive always wanted to visit your country it so beautifull as some describe it ?
See you around in the threadsWaving Hello Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY Smile Smilie
Hello Macangearr.

Welcome to PT, I am fairly new myself and I am loving it here. Everyone's so friendly.

I have to say that I am also jealous of you having visited New Zeland! I would love to go there, what's it like? I am planning to visit Ireland next year, (I live in England), is there any area you would suggest I visit?

Hello and Welcome, i too envy you, i would give up most things to visit that country, i am glad though that a reader of Tolkien has seen the place where it was filmed, it just makes me want to go there even more!!

Welcome again...........
My rip to New Zealand began in Christchurch(I have relatives there). This is a beautiful city set in a kind of hollow among the Port Hills. Took a day trip to Kaikoura to see whales. Did see one but got seasick and only saw the first of four) Sad Smilie From there I went to Wellington, which is aptly known as the 'Windy City' . Had a city tour part of which went to Mount Victoria, there are houses here built on the side of the hill with no access except by private cablecar. It was kind of weird. Here too I had a LOTR tour with a guide who claimed he play an extra in the second movie(he was a standard bearing elf of the leves who came to Helms Deep). Anyway, he had good stories and was a good guide which was just as well as there is no physical evidence of the film anywhere. We did see Peter jackson's studio from the outside, well outside. We also saw the ship used in King Kong. From Wellington I went to Queenstown set on a beautiful lake Wakatipu(some of the names in New Zealand are truly wonderful. had a lakeshore cruise on a 93 year old steamship. Took a bus trip to Fox Glacier and the small village nearby. Had a helicopter trip up onto the glacier, landed for about ten minutes then flew back down. From Fox, went to Greymouth and took the Tranz-Alpine Express across to Christchurch for one more day them began the long trip home. I have photos on a website if anyone wants to see them. Don't want to post the URL here(not just sure of the ettiquette involved yet) but if someone knows how I can without breaking rules I will.
Macangearr, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie I've been to Ireland: spent a half an hour there. Orc Grinning Smilie Even though I was told not to, I got off the plane to touch the tarmac. Later that day I had lunch in Germany and then spent two weeks in Southern Spain.

Enjoy your self and I'll see you around the place. Cool Elf Smilie
o my GOD!
how are things goin back there?
i havent been for a year Sad Smilie
my family's finances are, low
god i miss it
where abouts are you?
i used to live right along the blackwater...on the kerry side
i have "lived" there for like, 5 years i think
something like that
im a real american boy now!
Californian even Wink Smilie
Don't want to post the URL here(not just sure of the ettiquette involved yet) but if someone knows how I can without breaking rules I will.

Hello and welcome! Waving Hello Smilie You can e-mail the link to and we will take a look to see if it is ok. You will find the website rules and the FAQ if you go to Website Help or Help/FAQ just below the banner at the top of the page. Happy Elf Smilie
Macangearr, welcome to our happy family.
I have also been to Ireland and can't wait to return someday. I really loved it there. I have a nephew working in Galway.
Have fun exploring our site and we look forward to sharing some of your insight into Tolkien's Middle Earth.
Some of the places in the film that I saw were:-
The spot where the Hobbits find the mushrooms and see the first Black Rider(Our guide insisted on us recreating this scene, so if I am allowed to post the URl you can have a laugh at my 'Frodo' pose)
The quarry where Helms Deep was filmed(could not go in as it is a working quarry)
The scene on the Anduin where the fellowship seperates
The spot where Aragorn washes up after the Warg attack
The spot where Theoden and Aragorn watch the gathering of the Rohirrim, a small cliff overlooking part of Wellington, good SFX here:-0
The place where Gandalf tells Saruman about the finding of the One Ring

Also saw the Chocolate Fish Cafe where the cast often ate when in Wellington(they apparently liked the fact that no autograph hunters bothered them) and Peter Jackson's home(a surprisingly modest place. Finally the outside of WETA's workshop.

My Mom went on the trip with me, and has no idea about Tolkien or the films
wow, that sounds great, id soooo love to go to those places. I dont see any reason why you cant post the url, go for it, if the CM's dont like it then they can delete it??? not a problem Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
welcome to our big PT family, Macangearr. Hope you can find this site and its members as entertaining and helpful as i do Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Howdy and welcome, Macangearr; enjoy your stay. Quite the traveler, eh? Like a good little American I've never been out of the country, but both your homeland and New Zealand are places I've always wanted to see. In the interim I'll just have to settle for PTs cosmopolitan environment. The more the merrier; see ya 'round the boards.
Thanks to all for the friendly welcome. I have been given permission by the Council to post the URL of the photos. You can seem them here Down Under.
yeah that does look like the place, you make a very good Frodo, although you need to kneel really to get the size of the little hobbit, but i envy you....... *starts to glare with red eyes*
Great pictures indeed Smile Smilie Now I really envie yah !! But Im glad you shared the pictures with us .Thanks Macangearr Waving Hello Smilie