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gwain min pedo suilannad
new one says greetings!
Hey Arath and WELCOME to PT Waving Hello Smilie I hope you find yourself at home here ,if you need any help just ask Happy Elf Smilie See you around in the threads Smile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
Welcomes with Warm Greetings,

Enjoy your stay here, hopefully it will be an enjoyable one

Share what you know and learn what you seek Orc Smiling Smilie
Hello Arath, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Pay no attention to the Elf behind the curtain.
Hi Arath and welcome to PT. Tell us more about yourself.
Well what would you like to know?
Welcome Arath, hope the police didn't keep you too long Sad Smilie

Did you know you don't need to have a licence to carry a bow and arrows, do you need one for a sword?

Anyway, everyone here is really friendly - hope you have a good time. Waving Hello Smilie
They kept me for a hour or so asking about the sword and all....
It was not all bad they were cool and asked alot about the game.

When the police came i tried to hide the sword under my cloak so is that not a concealed weapon?

I dont know about the licences...
I dont have one....
Tell us more about how you came to be a fan of Tolkien, your sword, your life, loves and hates. And that's just for starters.
I really can't recall when i became a tolkien fan.....
My sword is a copy of aragorns sword....
I love fantasy tales..
I hate cabbage....
About my arrest...
They did not arrest me because of the sword....
I was trespassing on some farmers land.
Teaching of the story=never trespass.. Smile Smilie
(omg duoble post Big Smile Smilie)
Hello everyone! I am new here and I am happy to find this page. It is great! I am a psychologist and I am studying myths and symbols. I've been fascinated by Lord of the Rings and I am happy to learn from you guys. Congrats for this!
Welcome to pt Smile Smilie