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I am a very new user in this fantastic site, for long time I searched for good site about Tolkien, and then I found this one. I've been only for three days here and I can say that this place is great! Thanks to you who have created P-T! Smile Smilie
Hi Oerath,

you are most welcome to PT Waving Santa Smilie I hope you enjoy your stay: making friends, getting involved in many interesting Tolkien related discussions, or just playing a few games!

see ya around the threads...
hey Oerath, Welcome to PT!!
I hope you enjoy your visits with us. There certainly is lots to explore and we love to hear fresh insights from new members.
Hi Oerath welcome to pt! Elf Smilie I am sure you will like this site as much as Ido. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie I'm looking forward to learning from you.See you in the threads!Ninerl Jumping Flame Smilie
Hello and Warm Greetings Oerath,

I look forward to seeing you around the threads Orc Smiling Smilie

Share what you know and learn what you seek..........
Heya Oreath and WELCOME to our happy family at PT Waving Hello Smilie I'm glad you found your way to PT and I'm looking forward to see you around in the threads Smile Smilie Share your knowledge with us and have lots of FUN Happy Elf Smilie