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I just arrived at pt today. This place is like a breath of cold, crisp air. I have made my home in Fornost. I enjoy drinking, fighting and the gentler arts of reading, and talking, though my mate bribes me not to sing. I like archery, swordplay, and stalking through the woods hunting evil ones.
I'm a level 99 dungeon wizard master.
Welcome to PT HalbardWaving Hello SmilieI'm glad to se you different threads alreadySmile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY Happy Elf Smilie
welcome on PT!Enjoy your stay here! Dunce Smilie Pary Smilie In felloship ,Ninerl
Thanks for the welcome! Turin, that is an amazing level of play. I have not had the opportunity to play many rpgs due to making a living and raising children. However I have been a Tolkien fan for most of my life.
Well then, you deserve a warm welcome from us Orc Smiling Smilie

Greetings and enjoy your stay here, we are willing at anytime to help you with whatever problems you may have. Share what you know and learn what you seek......
Welcome Halbard!
We are so pleased to have you join our PT family. Enjoy and we look forward to sharing your insights into Tolkien's world.
welcome to our family hal. have a nice stay and enjoy.
yay! another wonderful person to join the fam.
Welcome and go for it, write your heart out, shower us with your great thoughts and words. Smile Smilie
Welcome to out happy family Halbard. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!

Where on Mundane-earth do you reside? I'm eight hours west of London by clock.
Grondy (I see that is your nickname ;^). I live in the Western North Carolina Mountains. Most ME folk would fit right in. Only the Rohirrim might have a bit of a tough time since there are no large plains in which to gallop .