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i am aef777.write a thread with my name in the title and i will send you my e-mail.

Hello, and welcome to PT. If you message me, then we can "talk" and get to know each other. Maybe eventually we will feel comfortable enough to exchange emails. But I would not advise doing so too quickly.

write a thread with my name in the title and i will send you my e-mail.

Members, do not do this, this is spam and very much against the website rules. Teacher Smilie

Listen to Gandalf here. You should all be VERY careful about who you give your e-mail too, you don't give your home adress to random strangers on the street, do you?

Click on "My account" and then "messages" to find the private messagers (PM). When you get a new PM, you will get a notification like this:

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Hope this helps. Welcome to PT, you'll get the hang of things soon. Smile Smilie
Well, if this is a spam why don't you delete this thread?
I meant that what he wanted you to do (post many threads with his name as topic), would be spamming. This thread is ok.
ok. You think he's a real fan or a trouble maker?
Hopefully it was just an honest newbie mistake. But I do hope members who get strange or disturbing PMs will let us know. No matter who they are from. People aren't always what they seem to be, especially not online.
Hopefully it was just an honest newbie mistake

Indeed hopefully, so instead, you can put something about yourself in a thread, preferably this one, as that is usually how it is done and doesn't conflict with the rules Orc Smiling Smilie
Amarie is, of course, correct.

We offer a safe environment here but we have no control over email content so contact should be through the forums or by PM. Email addresses fhould not be exchanged with someone you do not know.
I see that Aef also has another thread in this section. I suggest we use that one to welcome him/her.

Click here --->Aef's thread