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Thread: im the new homeless guy

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Normally I would just say 'Hi' back, but I don't like Spam...
HEYA Jobo the HoboWaving Hello Smilie Welcome to PT Smile Smilie Tell us more about yourself ? SHARE AND ENJOY ! And hope to see you in the threads homeless
ar-37 told me to come to pt here
I"m here as well. Welcome to Planet-tolkien you filthy, bass-playing git.
Welcome to our happy family Jobo. Happy Elf Smilie Any friend of Ar-37 ought to have his head examined, for they probably have too many brains’that's meant to be a joke son’Ar-37 is really an alright guy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Share and enjoy.
Welcome, Hobo! though you really shouldn't call yourself that anymore since PT is your new home! Everyone here is super nice. Don't be shy! Forums are for talking, anyhow.