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Hi to everyone,

I'm new to the Forum,

This is a very nice website, I hope to have lots of conversations here...
I am also newBig Smile Smilie
funny site isn't it?
I've just found my name in elvish : Alatariel Ciryatan
What is your name in elvish?
Loss here to welcome you to Planet-Tolkien Ecthelion... Enjoy your stay here Orc Smiling Smilie

Always good to smell fresh blood Orc Grinning SmilieModerator Smilie
Welcome to PT Waving Hello Smilie Ecthelion Cool avatar Cool Smilie
I'm glad you like our website and really hope you enjoy your time with us Smile Smilie Looking forward to talk to you in different threads .SHARE AND ENJOY
Welcome to you as well AlatarielWaving Hello Smilie
It's so nice that you also found your way to our big happy family at PT
Looking forward to see you around in the threads tooSmile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
My name is Eldalote Elensar in Elvish .Cool heh?
Howdy Ecthelion. Happy Elf Smilie Welcome to our happy family. See you around the threads.

My name is Eldalote Elensar in Elvish .Cool heh?
Hey Mellon, I thought your name from the Elvish was Friend. Orc Grinning Smilie
Hey Mellon, I thought your name from the Elvish was Friend
Big Laugh Smilie It is Grondy , you all know me by that name but my REAL name means:Eldalote
Hmmm, I wouldn't trust some name generators to actually translate however.

Maybe your real name does mean 'Elf-flower' (Elda-flower) but if you're using one it might have just 'generated' something due to... well, however it works. Try typing in 'Elfstone' as your real name and see if it gives you Elessar or Edhelharn

Oh, and welcome to Ecthelion!