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um i red da lotr books recently an dey wer relli gud. hope i can talk 2 loads of peeps
Hello and welcome Waving Hello Smilie

Hope you have a good time in PT everyone here is very friendly and there are plenty of experts to answer any questions you have - so just ask. Cool Smilie

Hey there BronzeleafWaving Hello Smilie Mellon is welcoming you to PT Smile Smilie As May said we hare friendly so don't be afraid to ask .SHARE AND ENJOY
Welcome to our happy family Bronzeleaf, hope to see your posts around the threads here. Happy Elf Smilie
Hey Bronzeleaf, Welcome to our little section of the web that is PT Orc Smiling Smilie

See you around,
Welcome from me too; I love leaves! You must be a cool person if you are a bronze leaf Smile Smilie
And hi from me too!
Always glad to see new faces (or should I say avatars?) around here.

PT's a great place, you'll love it!

All the best,