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Hi I am Fortinbras from Hobbiton.
I have been a fan of everything Tolkien since the Seventies. I am old and learned in the Lore of Middle Earth. I was once credited as School Master of the Hobbiton Elementary School.
I have been collecting all things Tolkien for many years and have a large collection of books, figurines, posters, maps, pewter, cards, toy figures, chess sets and other odds and ends.
I am a Tolkien Fanatic and am proud to be one.

Reading Tolkien's books is a pleasure I have enjoyed over the years and I find many worthwhile messages to be found in the texts about life and its struggles and triumphs.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

Study, read and collect Tolkien and enjoy the journey.

I am looking forward to meeting like minded people here on the Planet.
Welcome to our happy familiy Smile Smilie
I'm really looking foward to see you in the threadsSmile Smilie
Hello again Fortinbras, happy to have you in the fold. Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks for the welcome.
Glad to be aboard.
Looking forward to the experience.
Check out my poem.

Welcomes from Loss coming your way Wiggle Smilie

Welcome to our small Planet... Like minded people you seek... you found us! Orc Smiling Smilie
Welcome, welcome! Hopefully you will find everything to your liking here...after all, it is the best Tolkien site, as well as being a unique place of camaraderie and good company. Glad to have you with us.
I feel like I've just met a new circle of friends.

I hope I get to work out how to add those smileys.

Thanks for the welcomes.

I like to write poems...
Have a look in Journal Entries.
Hope I'm not too NERDY...I am a former schoolmaster after all.

Fortinbras: may we call you Fort for short?

RE our Smilies: While in the input mode, look for the yellow star icon above input box and click on it; after a while you will memorize the written code between the two colons and won't always have to rely on the star icon. One word of warning, the added smilie always is posted at the end of your post no matter where you left your cursor, so you will have to copy and paste to move it if you are adding it as an after thought.

RE your poetry: I hardly ever read the journals; enough to read in the forums. We do have a Writers Guild where a lot of poetry is posted and I do check that for new posts, which I will read daily.
I'm comfortable with that. Cool Smilie

I'll try to move that poem to Writer's Guild.
I've noticed that a lot of postings are fairly old.
I hope over time the revelation of a new movie will bring old and new to the Planet.

In the future I hope I can contribute to the site in a positive way.
Has anyone heard the latest updates re Tolkien Estate V New Line.
Will The Hobbit be made? Question Smilie
I haven't heard anything new, but it should be posted under Hobbit Movie News if anyone does hear anything new. I may look for e something later and if I remember to.