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It has been years since I've had the opportunity to come home to PT. It was a wonderful experience to have found this site in the first place (Wow! People exist who share my passion with this middle earth stuff!?!) and it sucked LARGE to have to spend so much time away. Two years on the road and heaps of interesting (but wearying) jobs and it just hasn't been possible to sink back into it. I've now got a settled job and my carpet was just unrolled (in storage all this time). More importantly, I now have internet hooked up at home. YAY!

In other news, I'm getting married soon, and my partner wants readings from the bible. I agreed, but on condition that I could have a reading from my good book. So the research has begun to find a Tolkien passage or two that would be "appropriate" for a wedding. Would any of you have any guidance on good places to look for material or favorite passages on love & commitment to share?

Fellow trivia-buff returned,
Mungo Baggins
The story of Aldarion & Erendis seems to describe the slings & arrows of marriage very well.
As I remember the story of Aldarion and Erendis, as told in Unfinished Tales Part 2 II, was a sad affair and ended tragically. I doubt if this if any of it is fit for a wedding. But I may be wrong.

You might better check out the meeting of Arwen and Aragorn under the trees of Caras Galadhon found in LotR, Appendix A (v) about six pages in, starting mid-paragraph with 'And in the evening of Midsummer Aragorn...' and on through '...the long home of my kin." '
You could also look into the passage about Faramir and ’owyn looking from The Houses of Healing, looking out towards where Aragorn was on his way to 'make his stand', where they finally realized that they should be together. Some parts of that is quite lovey-dovey. I can't remember much from it though, I should re-read some of my old books Read Smilie.