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hi im Grishn’kh, my name is the name of the leader of the mordur uruk-hai that joined up with ugluks isengard uruk-hai in the second film. Grishn’kh is the orc who proposed to eat merry and pippin, stating " what about their legs? they dont need those!" lol
ive just got into lord of the rings and found this website, im lookin forward to meeting people who are as fanatical about lotr as me, i also live in england and i am 12 years old Smile Smilie
my favourite race in lord of the rings is probaly the goblins or the olog-hai.
In my last message i spelt mordor wrong, sorry i werent concentrating Smile Smilie
Oh what a wonderful age to begin a devotion to the works of professor Tolkien. Welcome and have a great time.

Oh................and should I, the elf that I am be afraid of you? Smile Smilie
i am Grishn’kh, you should be afraid! Big Smile Smilie i will eat your legs, cus you dont need them Big Smile Smilie
( that was a bit over the top lol)
Smile Smilie
Nice to meet you, Grishnakh!
You'll find a lot of tasty treats here on Planet Tolkien, I'm sure.
If you're lucky, you'll spot a hobbit Smile Smilie
looking forward to it Big Smile Smilie
Hobbits yes and many fierce elven warriors Wink Smilie
Welcome friend Smile Smilie
Thanks arath Smile Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Grishn’kh, but beware of Dwarves; we pick our teeth with the splintered bones of the Uruk-hai. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy!
Ash nazg durbatul’k,
ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatul’k,
agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

Welcome! May shadow and ash cover your path! Be ware for some walking around are not used to speak with Orcs, but attempt to cut them a head shorter than they were meant to be.

Welcome in Middle Earth!
Sounds fun, but dwarfs and elves should be wary of orcs and uruks my friends. Big Smile Smilie
Hello and welcome to PT Grishn’kh......... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT Grishn’kh Smile Smilie
I will welcome you warily, Grishnakh, as I am a tasty Hobbit.
Welcome to our happy family Grishn’kh, but beware of Dwarves; we pick our teeth with the splintered bones of the Uruk-hai.

I agree 100% with that, though orc bones seem to do the job quite nicely!
Welcome to PT!! Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie sounds like a big family...... that are different races. ( Dwarfs uruks whatnot) Jumping Flame Smilie
Sorry had not noticed this before (anyway I wasn't here at that time). So welcome Grishn’kh! Wish you a nice stay on PT!

By the way folks have you noticed that there seems to be a lot more dwarves nowadays that even elves? The age of the Dwarves is come folks! :evilgrin:
yeah there are a lot of dwarfz, i dident even want to be and orc i wanted to be a dwarf elf or man but i was reading the two tower for about the 2nd time and the first race that popeed into my head was the uruks. and i like grishnakh in the movi so i chose him.
the end. Big Smile Smilie
curse my bad typing!
You can always use the edit post button if you want to correct your typing mistakes! Wink Smilie
i will be sure to edit all mistakes. YAY!
G'day mate, welcome to PT.