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Hello everyone! My name is Adelade Wendelbo of Hobbiton, (but you can call me Addie) and I'm really looking forward to meeting other hobbits like myself. I love dancing and going to the party tree, but I also love to listen to stories...of brave Hobbits of course! I can't wait to meet you all!
Welcome Addie! I'm also glad to have more fellow Hobbits here and I'll look foreward to reading your posts! You may have read another thread about Grondmaster; he's our 'fearless leader' here and will say a warm welcome to you too when he is well.
Welcome to PT Addie! I hope you will enjoy yourself here with us. Please drop a word at the Khazad Dummish Inn and sing us a song! You will get a free tankard of beer and snacks as welcome! Waving Hello Smilie
Hello and Welcome Addie, to our humble Planet.

If you wish to get a complimentary drink and foods and the Inn, you will have to sing first Elf Winking Smilie

In the words of our very much missed Grondy; "Share and Enjoy"
A warm welcom to you Addie. Come and get to know us and share all that is in your heart. We will be thrilled to hear what you have to say. Smile Smilie
Welcome to our lovely family at PT Addie Elf Winking Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY