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Hello everyone. I am from Turkey and 21 years old. I've been reading Tolkien for 5or 6 years and i have watched movies many times. Except Tolkien i do like reading R.A. Salvatore (espacially all the books he wrote about Drizzt) and also Margaret Weis, Tracey Hickman, Terry Pretchet and the list goes on like this. It is a pleasure to be here with you.
Welcome! Make yourself at home - with that list of books you are in good company here Wink Smilie I've just been re-reading Good Omens this morning, still makes me laugh Big Laugh Smilie
Aaah good omens. Reminds me the good old days. Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman the best couple i have ever seen i may see. You should try Neverwhere by him and of course Sandman (:
Yep, read both - Neverwhere and Stardust being my two favorites of his. Went to hear him speak a few months ago as part of book week - awesome stuff. The power of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett combined is something that should happen again though. And they should both write many, many more books....