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wow, i just got an email reminding me of this site, my login details etc. real memory jogger! i used to post on here quite a lot probably about 4 (or maybe even 5?) years ago. the only names i remember from it are grondy, loni, val, and there were some other people we used to have banter with. just wondering if any of the old guard are still around? cheers!

oh yeah and i remember amarie and lord aragorn aswell.. it's all coming back!

It's been that long? Grondy and I are still around, Val and Lord Aragorn not so much.

Smile Smilie

Val and Lord Aragorn haven't been around in a while. Welcome Back.

Val has been super busy with his job lately, he tells me.  He pops in here very infrequently.  He still has his blog where he has posted lots of pics and great stories based on Tolkien.  With the Council's permission I post the link here.


Hello Gwaihir

I am sure we new people won't  disappoint you although you miss your old friends.

Stay and make more friends

Smile Smilie

Welcome back, Gwaihir. It is so nice to see our old friends coming back. I think I am one of those old guards and I am still here. Wink Smilie