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Mwah hel0 to every1. My name is Maree. I am 18 years 0ld, relatively new to Tolkien's work compared to most of you here i bet Smile Smilie I fell in love with The Lord of the Rings after just seeing its prologue i remember and after watching all 3 movies in 1 night (no jokes hey lol) I was amaized and became a fan for life. But I also did myself a huge favor by reading the books, as well as The Hobbit and then shortly after that The Silmarillion and a few of the HOME series and Unfinished Tales. I definitely LOVE the books so much more. The Silm being my fave. Smile Smilie Anyhow I'm from South Africa btw...Smile Smilie

Welcome, I'm also a relative newcomer here and let me be the first to tell you that everyone here is great. That's awesome you decided to delve deeper into the world of Tolkien after watching the movies, and only at 18, we need more young people to spread the world of the greatness that is JRRT. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one left...

Anyways, glad to welcome a new member, feel free to look around and post wherever you want. Even threads that are like 5 years old, sometimes they just need a good revival....

Welcome to PT telerin-l0ver! Waving Hello Smilie This is a great place to learn, discuss and share our love for all Tolkien things! Big Smile Smilie


Enjoy and Share

Mwah thanks so much for the welcome u guys I appreciate it Big Smile Smilie



To Planet Tolkien ......The Final Frontier

Thank U Gwindor....Big Smile Smilie mwah!


And yes Balrogs R Us....At 18 I feel quite proud to be a Tolkien fan Big Smile Smilie

G'day and welcome

Welcome to our PT family, telerin-10ver!  As already mentioned, feel free to dig up some of the old threads, there is some amazing posts. Since you love the Sil, I recommend the online course on the book we hosted a few years ago. Really great insight in that section.

See you around the forums! Waving Hello Smilie

Thank U Rho and Rednel Smile Smilie Much appreciated.. Smile Smilie and thanks 4 the suggestion Rednel I think I shall definitely check that out

Maarave omentaina! Suilanye! [Well met! I am greeting you!

I hope you'll find our community much interesting. Do enjoy yourself! See you around.

Welcome to our humble little Planet!

We haven't had any roasting of late.  Maybe it's time I stoked the barbecue?

Later...    I'm glad you have decided to join our humble Planet, it is a nice place really, with quite a few younger members too.  Visit any thread you wish and post whatever you wish, except those of inappropriate meanings!  We keep our Planet clean kiss.