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Some of you may remember me although I'm not noted for the number or length of my posts - Unintentially they do on occasion excite some comment. I would have rejoined earlier but when I looked up PT on one occasion it was closed due to Grondmasters passing which left me somewhat devastated. I see we have some new? members some of which have made more posts than me. I've had some personal issues which are still ongoing, but the interesting (as it were) thing is I've discovered a species which makes the foullest orcs seem like the Eldar. I doubt if even Shelob would deign to eat such creatures. I've read that PT had such dealings with these in the past. Anyway, in Grondmasters abscence I'll try and revive some of the quizzes. Nice to be back though.

Waving Hello Smilie Welcome back Gwindor. Nice to see you again Big Smile Smilie

Welcome back, Gwindor!!! It is so great to see your familiar face, again. Big Smile Smilie

Thanks for offering to keep the quizzes going for Grondmaster. We miss him so much!

It's nice to see you again, Gwindor! Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome back Gwindor.  Nice to see old faces return, even if it is a name and an avatar!  Happy Elf Smilie