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Hello! It's Laura, from Italy. I've been a HUGE Tolkien fan since the day the first lotr movie came out. It's my life, I cannot find another way to explain it. It's the first time I've joined a Tolkien online community...I decided to do so cause I cannot find in my everyday life someone to share my passion with. I'm surrounded by that kind of people who see lotr as "just a book". Btw my favourite Tolkien book is The Children of Hurin, I find something so fascinating in that book...I can't explain. Well, I'm sure I'll have a great time here! Smile Smilie

Welcome to PT! blush Hope you have a wonderful time here. Feel free to get around all the forums and get to know everybody!

Welcome to PT Laura Waving Hello Smilie Have a look around and you will find lots of great discussions on many interesting areas of Middle Earth Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

buongiorno, and welcome to PT

I agree with you Laura.The sam story.   

Since the day i watched it for a very first time,I have been pretending like i live in LOTR.  

Hello and welcome Eruaphadriel  and Laura. Hope you both have fun here, watch out for the Balrog....

Welcome to our Planet Tolkien.  Have great fun and play nice with the orcs now...  Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Thank you so much everybody!

Howdy and welcome, and do have fun.  I'm rather fond of The Children of Hurin as well; there are so MANY versions of the Turin tale, with so many variations, that it can be hard to keep them all straight, but that also allows those inclined to cherry pick which parts they like from each.  TCoH seamlessly assembles the pieces I always liked best into a story that reads just as it does in my head, so it's very satisfying.

Anyway, and once again, welcome, and glad you're here.  I believe you'll find plenty of nice bright folks for ages of stimulating converse.

Thank you Morambar!