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Thread: Rohan better than Gondor?

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Hello Smile Smilie Friendly, London-based Tolkien fan, fairly young adult. Definitely prefers Rohan to Gondor! Contact me if you think you know why (or if you disagree)...

Welcome to PT Brytta! I hope you have a wonderful and fun experience here, but not tooo fun...

Welcome to PT Brytta Waving Hello Smilie

If you read the books enough and appendices you should like Gondor much better

Why have to choose? I like the Rohan as they are tuff, strong nd true to the Kings people. I like Gondor for its history, splendor and its connection to Westerness. Two very different peoples who have lived as a force of unification of good and light. Imagine what Middle Earth would have become without these two allies...

Well, Gondor has many great and noble warriors and lords, Chiefly Faramir, boromir, and my personal favorite prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. The reason why Gondor is weaker is because they have been holding the terrible might of Mordor for around 2000 years. Rohan would of been overturned if they would of been in that position. Although Rohan has helped Gondor three times, Gondor has given rohan aid two times so they are a great pair of Allies that could fail without eachother

I've always compared Gondor and Rohan, atleast when it comes to their chief cities, with Rivendell and Lorien. Both Gondor and Rivendell are of large stone buildings, wonderful and luxurious. Both holds "artifacts" of the past. On the other hand, Rohan and Lorien are seen more with "living" artifacts. Both tamed their lands, but the land also tamed them. Rohan lives in peace with the open plains and the horses. Lorien lives with the trees of the forest.