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hello everybody, im new member here, so dont be so serious to me. cheer up friend.. nice to meet you all.

I am new here too!  

Welcome, we're all pretty friendly here, feel free to come into one of the Inns and have a drink 

A warm welcome to both of you Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome friend and enter into this wonderful place and stay for ever.

We are now having alot of new members join recently, it is refreshing to read.  It is true, the build up to 'The Hobbit' is doing just the noun!  Welcome to our Planet Tolkien and please read Leelee's post as most friendly, it's not that we want you to stay here permanently, in some box somewhere under the floorboards, but stay here willing and glad to return and read often...  By the way, have you seen our basement?  

(blush) Somehow I just knew Loss would comment on that statement. I meant I do in fact want you to stay an active member forever, and that can be done by posting from the heart and your words will just go on and on thrilling those of us here now, and the many many to still come.

Loss, are you taking your vitamins and all that. I am anxious for you not to be an ill inhabitant of Middle-Earth this year, you are too precious and valuable to us. And now that I don't see Vir making odd remarks it must be left to you to carry on the tradition. Smile Smilie

Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay.  It's been a while since I was around much, but people were very friendly and knowledgeable (without being pretentious) then and from all I can see now that remains true.  It's sadly surprising to me these days, but all the more pleasing for that.