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'ello one and all, My name's Ben and I hail from the greater metropolitan area of Detroit, jewel of the American Midwest (not really). Just happened upon this site and liked what I saw so I decided to join up. I've read bits and pieces of Tolkein's works (and need to read them through to their completion) and love the LoTRO movies. They are such a welcome relief from the usual junk spewed out by Hollywood. I'm looking forward to getting involved with PT. Smile Smilie

Welcome to PT, Xaan.

Welcome! Enjoy yourself around!

Welcome.I like your username.See you aroundSmile Smilie

Welcome Xaan, don't forget to upload yourself a nice avatar.

Welcome to PT, Xaan! Share and enjoy! Happy Elf Smilie

Welcome to PT Xaan! It's always great ti see new people around! Waving Hello Smilie 

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone Smile Smilie

Welcome Xaan. I like Detroit, it is to me a collage of many interesting architectural and cultural points. The name always reminds me of metal, I suppose of cars and such.

I hope you will take the time to read some of the older postings as well as the new . That way you will certainly get to understand the warmth and intelligence that permeates this wondrous place.

Welcome to PT

Welcome Xaan