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Greeting peoples of Middle Earth. I'm happy to have join this forum and I look forward to getting to know you all. I guess a bit about myself is order.

Eowyn is my alter ego and my friends within the LotR community know me as Lady Rohan. My real name is Terri. I reside in the USA in the state of Georgia. Though in my mind, I reside in Edoras.

I'm obviously a fan of Tolkien's writings and of course LotR in particular. Especially the character Eowyn and all the Rohirrim race I'm particularly fond of.

To be 100% honest, I never read LotR until after the movies came out. In fact, I never even watched the movies until they came out on DVD. I didn't get into the story line until I watched the Two Towers and the fascination for the Rohirrim took over. I ended up ordering the extended DVD's and I watched the movies twice before they really took hold of me. That led me to want to read the books.

Reading isn't one of my strong qualities. You see, I'm dyslexic, a very misunderstood learning disability and no dyslexic is created equal. It effects me most in the reading realm. I have trouble reading words on pages and being able to process the information. My mind works in mental imagery and there are many words in which there is no imagery thus forcing my brain to try and fill in the blanks - sort of speak.

I took the books VERY slow. Sometimes having to reread sentences to be able to absorb the information.I now encourage other dyslexics to read them. The movies have helped in order to give me that mental imagery I need while reading. I know the whole LotR buzz has died down after the movie came and gone but for me, it just keeps growing stronger and stronger.

So anyhoo, I hope I didn't bore you all to tears.

Be well yourself, fair Lady of the Riddermark!

Welcome to the forums of Tolkien Fans and fantasy lovers- Planet Tolkien! Given the name you have I can say we shall see many great things from you! I am eager to.

Remember, it is fun and joy first, all else as it comes! Enjoy yourself!

Welcome to our humble abode, Eowyn! We are so happy that you have joined us and look forward to sharing our common interests.

Welcome Eowyn. Feel free to post wherever you want, I'm sure you'll come to learn everyone here at PT is extremely welcoming. I'm actually from Atlanta myself, glad to know I'm not the only Tolkien lover left in the state of Georgia. Slightly reassuring...

Welcome! Hope you have a wonderful, and lengthy, stay here at PT

Welcome Lady of Rohan. I hope you enjoy yourself at PT. In my experience the community has been impeccably kind to me since I joined the website.

Glad to have you on board! Welcome Eowyn Waving Hello Smilie

Thank you all for the welcome! I appreciate it.

@ Balrogs R Us ... Hello neighbor!

Well, Lady Eowyn. Welcome to PT, and I hope you'll enjoy of your stay.

Welcome Lady of Rohan

This is a place where Tolkien people live out their fantasies, although given your name and location do you perchance ride yourself?


Westu Hal, Eowyn!  


I too am far from Edoras,  but always there  and with the other Riders in spirit.  I'm probably a loremaster by Rohirric standards, having discovered Tolkien way back in the 1960s, when I was a young Rider.

It's good that you have friends near home who are also Tolkien fans - oddly enough, many of my work colleagues down the years have been good citizens of Middle Earth, and we often discussed work and political issues (I was a British civil servant) in Tolkien terms.

We could never quite decide whether Sauron was best represented by Thatcher or Rupert Murdoch!  Among our bosses we certainly recognised Saruman, Grishnakh and Grima Wormtongue,  and we ourselves claimed to be, variously, Hobbits or Rohirrim, though I do recall one Dwarf - a New Zealander who stood about 6ft 5in in his socks!   Interestingly, I would describe one colleague and old friend as 'having Elf written all over her.' though she describes herself as a Hobbit.

Just a curious thought - do you have any Rohirric skills yourself, as rider, horsemaster, swordswoman etc?   


Hail the House of Eorl!

Eohelm of Monsteras (Monsteras is a small town in Sweden, where we now live most of the time).

Welcome Eowyn, may all of your horses be born white!

Greetings from Australia.