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Hi all! My username isn't particularly new to the site seeing as I created this account a long time ago, but its only recently that I've had the time to be active and poke around with all the incoming snow. (Anyone else ready for summer?) I've loved the lord of the rings since I was a kid (though I'm only 18 so I'm pretty much still a kid and probably will be until I die, but who wants to grow up?) and am obsessed with elves of any kind. I'm an English major in college and love to write and read. I'm short, love tattoos and interesting conversation and am really excited to finally have a chance to get acquainted with the site!

Welcome Avelandria. I'm glad you decided to join us and hope you'll stay beyond the bad weather.

I intend to stay long after this ridiculously bitter winter is over, but having the extra time definitely helps, lots to read through and look over.

Awesome, glad to have you! I'm in Georgia so I've been hearing all about these ridiculous storms happening all over the country. Glad you found some good within the bad though! Please do stick around!

I'm also fascinated by tattoos, a good friend of mine is an aspiring tattoo artist. I only have a few myself, but once the $$ comes rolling in that will change...

My best friend is an aspiring tattoo artist as well. I've got 4 tattoos as of right now, and yeah when the money's there, I'd love to get a couple more.

Hi Avelandria,welcome.Make yourself comfortable and I'll see you aroundSmile Smilie

I like tattoos too and I plan to get one soon,my very first one actuallySmile Smilie

Just thought I'd stop in to say Hi. I have been following you all on facebook. Hope all is well with you all.

Hi Allyssa, we've missed you around here. I hope you start visiting us again more often.

Hello Avelandria. I suffer from Peter Pan syndrome too! And I'm in my 40's. Did I just admit to that?

My age I mean. lol

Avelandria maarave omentaina ! (Well met, Avelandria!)

Welcome to Planet Tolkien! Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Welcome to PT, Avelandria. And I'm also interested in tattoos, and I am planning to get a few by myself. Some symbolic ones, but I'll talk about them later if anyone wants to know more.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy of your time here in PT. I'm a writer by myself, and I share some of my work with the people of this site. All of my current writings can be found from journal sections, and from the poetic thread called: 'Do you have any poems to share'.

So, be seeing you on other threads and in chat, perhaps.

- Oerath.

Hi All, just thought you'd all like to know that the floods, bushfires and cyclone have all missed me. The fairly small scale floods of yesterday came as close as about 10 km away, but we are well situated up on a hill (which is not very Rivendellian, but very practical in Aus.). We have had some unseasonably wild weather, but nothing like the scale seen in Queensland.

I hope anyone else living in my part of the world has similarly escaped any catastrophe. May Illuvatar bless and guide you all. sad

Welcome, Avelandria! I am so glad that you have decided to join us and I look forward to your views and insights into our dear professor's works.


Allyssa!! It is so great to see you again. I have been thinking of you daily as reports come in concerning the weather related disasters in Australia. Thanks for the update. My mind is at ease. Smile Smilie


How wonderful and promising to have you stay now. I am glad. Welcome.