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Hello fellow Tolkien fans,

It is a long time since I registered to a board... but once in a while I get seduced to participate and talk with my fellow Tolkien friends!
My name is Pieter Collier, also known as Beren or TolkienLibrary... the latter comes from the Tolkien site I run [url:1ift2p58][/url:1ift2p58]

I'm very much a book guy, but I love to join in and talk about the movies as well.
Oh, don't worry, Pieter, we also have a lot of discussion about the books on here too (primarily LOTR and the Silmarillion).

It's great to have you! I hope you'll be able to dive in with ease.

(Sorry if I stole the username you wanted to use! :oops: )
Hey no worries about using the nick 'Beren' I undestand fully why you use it!