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Hey, my name is Bryan. You can call me Spirik Voldar.
Been a fan of LOTR ever since the Fellowship of the Ring came out. I read the books, saw the movies, and got my hands on as much LoTR stuff as I could. (collected the action figures when they were in stores). A few years ago, I was at a LOTR low, since there wasn't much new stuff, but since this talk about the new Hobbit movie, I've been getting into it again.
I'm a scifi/fantasy writer (nothing published ... yet), and in my spare time, I write, make music with my bro (named Bargolwash on these forums), juggling, and reading The Wheel of Time series. And I like learning. Anything from Quantum Physics to metaphysics, if it's out of the ordinary, i love it!
Hopin' to have a fantastic time on these forums, and hopin' the Hobbit is as good as the Lord of the Rings movies!
Welcome brother! That's all i have to say, lol

By heart and head!
I can't believe it. This must be a banner day for new members. It seems like more newbies have come on board in one day today since the forum opened 8-) . Welcome aboard guys :mrgreen: .