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so i've been a part of the forum for a while (kind of...) and i really want to upload a picture for my icon, but it keeps saying that its too big...
Any idea where i can find an icon? or how to make one fit?
Google Image Search (click the "Images" link at the top of the main page) could probably help you find an avatar (icon). To shrink it you can use any basic visual editing software. I use Microsoft Paint which comes bundled with Windows (being both unsophisticated with computers and a Windows user ... yeah, yeah, leave me alone :P ). Any other image editing software would probably work as well though.
You're not alone Eldorion :P (nor you too Tinuviel). I only just recently figured out how to do it myself in Photoshop. But another easy way is to Google Free Avatars and then click on a link to a free resizing site. Some forums (but not this one) also require an online host. There are Free sites for that too. and some forums you can just down(up?)load from your own pc, or others directly from the resizing site (that's what I originally did for this forum).

The Leaky Cauldron required an online host (I forget which one I used now). But for Narniaweb and Aslan's Country, I was able to figure out how to resize with Photoshop (Finally :roll: ) and download directly from my computers picture files. But they usually have to be something like jpeg or gif files (I think). Sheeeeshk, we're "Nerds" :ugeek: , you'd think we'd be better at this stuff :lol: .

Ok! THanks! I got it now!
Nice avatar! :mrgreen:
I concur. It's beautiful :mrgreen: .