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Hello my name is Ally, and I live in The Uk, Wales.

I love Lord Of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter. I play Tennis. I like Music, my favourite bands are Coldplay and Oasis and Paramore ;D

( I have a few questions, that I need answering ;D )

1. Why is the LOTR such a famous book?
2. What Was JRR Tolkien, What else happend in his life?
3. Why did he write LOTR and invent middle earth?
4. Why is LOTR so sucessfull?
5. Why do you like LOTR so much?
6 The future of LOTR? Will it remain as popular?

Its for a essay, and help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks For Reading
Hello Ally

How long is your essay going to be? Your questions might take volumes to answer!

If you want some basic answers to start, maybe you could try the appendices on the Extended Movie DVDs - the sections on Tolkien and his life. I think most of the 'short' answers to your questions might be found there. Also bring up Tolkien on Wikipedia, if you haven't already.

Basic entry points, true, but a start if you want to ease your way in.

Btw welcome to the forum!

Odo Banks
Welcome to the forum Ally from Wales (my Grandfather was too) :mrgreen: . When is your essay due? You should take your time if you want to do Tolkien justice.

Odo had some excellent suggestions for places to get some basic background info, but you sound like you need some personal testimonies too. I think you might get some value from browsing some of the sub-forums here. I don't have time tonight, but I'll pop back when I do to try and answer a few of your questions.

I forgot about this! I did what both of you said, and wrote an excellent essay (if I may say so!) I took a lot of information from here and thetolkienforum archive, so thank you! I am sorry for not thanking you for your advice, I was a total leacher. But at least I passed my GCSEs- thanks again!
Congrats Ally on passing your exams :ugeek: :lol: - my little brother has just passed his too. Which is great cause it gives me an excuse to bang on about how exams were so much harder in my day! (Well they were!)
Thank you! Exams are probably easier these days, but it doesn't really matter. The grade requirements for university are a lot higher naturally, beacause they only want to get the best. I'm just glad I wasn't born 20 years ago because I would have failed Maths miserably. <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> edit: Well done to your brother, I hope he has a good time celerbarting his results!
Yeah but you would have got free university education!! Just like all those politicians did who then took it away from you!
Congratulations, Ally! :mrgreen:
[quote="pettytyrant101":3fwbbwd5]Yeah but you would have got free university education!! Just like all those politicians did who then took it away from you![/quote:3fwbbwd5] I will be more annoyed if I get through sixth form unscathed. Though hopefully my plan of world dominance would be in action, so I don't care... <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
[img:3v46d45o][/img:3v46d45o] [img:3v46d45o][/img:3v46d45o] [img:3v46d45o][/img:3v46d45o] Congrats Ally :mrgreen: :ugeek: . Hope you take some time to celebrate. 8-) [b:3v46d45o]GB[/b:3v46d45o]
I was looking for that smiley earlier! [img:1rbzl7ie][/img:1rbzl7ie] Thanks GB!
[size=200:1f1kpegl][color=#BFBFBF:1f1kpegl]T[/color:1f1kpegl]he [color=#FF8040:1f1kpegl]Mig[/color:1f1kpegl]hty [color=#FFFF40:1f1kpegl]Bo[/color:1f1kpegl][color=#800040:1f1kpegl]osh[/color:1f1kpegl]! [/size:1f1kpegl]Thanks for reminding me Ally! 8-) Great place to go. But only for the more Fashionable kind of Forumer! I don't know if there would be many Fashionistas on this Forum though - or would there? <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> [size=150:1f1kpegl][color=#8000FF:1f1kpegl]S[/color:1f1kpegl] [color=#FFFF00:1f1kpegl]p[/color:1f1kpegl] [color=#00FF00:1f1kpegl]a[/color:1f1kpegl] [color=#FF40FF:1f1kpegl]m[/color:1f1kpegl] [color=#FF0000:1f1kpegl]o[/color:1f1kpegl] [color=#400000:1f1kpegl]d[/color:1f1kpegl] [color=#FF80FF:1f1kpegl]o[/color:1f1kpegl][/size:1f1kpegl]
The Might Boosh --- mmmm.... sounds very fashionable... :ugeek:
[quote="Mirabella Banks":qmxjq68s]The Might Boosh --- mmmm.... sounds very fashionable... :ugeek:[/quote:qmxjq68s] Very fashionable indeed. In fact it may be the most fashionable thing ever to have existed on our planet <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
With the possible exception of The Hobbit? :?