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So all those new posts you've been seeing, well they'e from us on the recently defunct hobbit movie news forum. (and I'd only recently found it) Wanted to pop in and say hi! My Tolkien history - got given the hobbit by my headmistress for my birthday at ten and LOTR by an aunt at 12. Re-read it regularly, but due to it's brilliance I have found little other fantasy I read, much more into Sci fi (Aldiss and Hamilton to name two) I hail from northern england and I am a girlie(I can still pretend I'm a youngster if I want to!). Animated Wink Smilie

Hello Kafria and welcome to Planet Tolkien! It's so great to have THM Forum and its members join our community. I'm enjoying spending the day reading through all the posts that have been imported. So many great contributions and discussions.

Hello Kafria! It's Ally/Jolly Cotton here! By the way Taz, I can't login to either of my accounts "Ally" and "Jolly Cotton", "Ally" I kind of locked myself out of, so um, could you just pm the details to this account?sad

As you rather late Kafria, maybe a detention for you for motivation? 

In my experience detentions for lates never work

(partly as it so difficult to catch up with late people afterwards!)

Well, I used to get detention everyday for being late for Sixth Form (still do) but it doesn't matter for I often stay in classrooms at break and lunch! (Way too many free periods for my liking!) A bit of tracking would solve that problem- though then create another problem with the parents I suppose...

Oh well. I'll just have to let you of this time. Off you go! blush

HI Jolly Ally, all THM accounts when imported had their passwords reset. You will need to use the lost password feature to have it emailed to you, then you will be able to access both accounts.

Hi all.  I'm one of the regulars from the movie forum and frankly I ain't happy- I'm sure you are a lovely bunch but we've been kidnapped and I need a buckie. But more importantly I couldn't help but notice that some of our posts, well most of them, contravene one, or often several of your family policy rules here. Will these posts remain untouched and will we be able to carry on in our usual drunken and slightly anarchic manner discussing not only Tolkien but God the Devil and everything mortal inbetween?

Hi Pettytyrant101, the family policy remains but is usually limited to abusive/offensive language.

Would we be allowed to re-start The Big Bad Serious thread, which was devoted to discussion of religion, politics, and other real world issues?  It was our longest and most popular thread by several hundred posts and remained civil throughout, but nothing from the specific forum it was in has been transferred yet.

Yes! Though some posts in the The Big Bad Serious thread were sometimes a bit over my head (most recently the debate that Kafria and PettyTyrant had over the education system here in the UK, which was most interesting) I found  the whole thread a  fascinating read. Just discussing Tolkien can get taxing over time, so the numerous side discussions going on was most entertaining!

Hallow everyone! It is nice to see new and interesting faces around! I hope we will all enjoy the works of Tolkien together, sharing views and impressions! Thank you for your kind participation despite some inconvenience during the transitions of merging our two forums.

See you around!


p.s.: Religious discussions were not much appreciated on PT before, do to the minor members for one and because it goes to a very explosive grounds. Yet TAZ can tell you best about whether some rules will be lessened of late!

Hey, Ammornil, are you the same guy as the Ammornil on LOTR Plaza?  If so, good to see you again.  If not, well, nice to meet you! Smile Smilie

Winemacker of Lothlorien at your service and it is nice to see you too, Eldorion! I shall say no more in that matter for we try not to refer other forums in vain. See you!

Welcome to everyone from the THM forums. I have read a few of the threads and I can see that you hail from a friendly and respectful site. There is a lot to read!

I do hope that you find PT a comfortable new home.

I look forward to chatting with you, as well. Smile Smilie

Hi guys and welcome, I hope you find your new home  a happy one.

And yet another welcome!!

I think you guys will find PT is a pretty chill place. Trust me, there is no shortage of discussion here, ranging over many topics. Really as long as it's not hate-inspired or full of words you can't say on television, then no worries! Just have fun, play it cool, and don't be afraid to bring something up! If a problem does arise then it's pretty casually confronted and no harm done.

Taz might I suggest adding just a general "Misc. Forum." So if it's something not Tolkien related, there's still somewhere to put it. That way everybody wins!