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Hey everyone! Old Rorimac here. I'm very excited to find myself on such a stimulating forum, and have read quite a bit here before actually joining in. Here are a couple little things about me: I love music (especially Howard Shore's of course), I actually am quite fond of adventures, I enjoy seed cakes and tea for elevensies, and I do not have a clue where to begin on such a large forum as this, so I suppose I'll settle down and chat here for a while. Sound splendid?

Hi there,

As a new transfer from my old home I can understand the feeling of not knowing where to start. Old are very friendly here and I would say just find something that interests you and get stuck in! Enjoy!

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Old Rorimac!

And as for your musical tastes and wiews; come over to Musician's Guild, and tell a bit about it. For example: What instruments do you play, or what kind of music you do prefer.

I'm Oerath, a poet/writer & musician, and I hope you'll enjoy of your stay.

Hey thanks! I am, in fact, under twenty, but Rory is actually my real name. There is a character named Old Rory (Rorimac) Brandybuck who lives in Hobbiton. I will certainly check out the thread.

Well, I'm not much older than you then, since I'm bit over twenty years old by myself. Smile Smilie

Oop! Sorry about the chat box. Sometimes I forget to log out when I leave, and people think I'm still online.

I suppose I'll catch you later though.

Good day to you!

a hearty Elf welcome to you and I hope you find it as wonderful here as I did. Do you mean poppy seed cakes, I have not had them for a while, but I do love little cakes also for elevenses and lovely hot fragrant tea and chicken and homemade bread fresh from the oven drizzled with butter. mmmmmmmmm.Well any way welcome .

Hello LeeLee.

Thank you for the hearty welcome. This is certainly a welcoming place.

Yes, poppy seed cakes are quite delectable to my taste; and chamomile tea! ahhh...

Well, I'm getting quite wrapped up in the musicians guild, so that's probably where I'll be more than anywhere else.

Good day to you, and may the lady of the realm forever protect your people.

With good wishes,


 I was not aware we had two Mellons now. Are you in fact new Mellon or are you my dear friend from my first coming here. At any rate I am glad to see you here.

Very strange either way...

But anyway, a big hearty dwarf-welcome to you! Hope you have a wonderful stay in PT with us....... forever.....

Old Rory,absolutely adore your username,maybe because I'm a bit partial to the BrandybucksSmile Smilie

Anyway welcome and enjoySmile Smilie

How fine you all are!

LeeLee, I thought you were from Lothlorien by mistake. Sorry!

Thank you Mellon, Gimli, and Odette. You are very kind.