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Hi I'm Melissa, I'm 18, and I'm currently at school very near where Prof. Tolkien lived in his childhood. It's just a few minute's walk and I know all the local places very well, like Sarehole Mill and Moseley Bog, and I'm president of the school Tolkien Club.

Greetings, Melissa, and welcome to Planet Tolkien. And a president even, that surely sounds nice. Smile Smilie

I do not consider myself to be that much of a fanatic, when it comes to Tolkien and his books, but he is still the best author this world has ever had, and will be greatly missed in the decades to come.

Anyway, I'm Oerath, a wandering poet, and this is the realm of magic and wonders.

'And this journey goes on forevermore
it just goes on and on
I still remember the day when it began, and now I won't lose my track
'cause soon this winter will be gone.'

So, enjoy of your stay!

Welcome, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stayindecision

Very happy to meet you Melissa. It is lovely to hear from the Shire, I am hopeful you will share a lot of things you have learned and seen with we Elves and Dwarves and Men of all sorts. Alright and the Orcie fellows and such, they are endearing on this site at least. Smile Smilie

Thank you everyone for your welcomes! Smile Smilie

Melissa,welcomeSmile Smilie

And you are president of the Tolkien club?Sounds coolSmile Smilie

Jump into the threads when you wish,