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I'll start off by introducing myself! I'm an ordinary teenager from the Netherlands. I've always had an interest in literature and at a very young age I came in contact with the works of Tolkien, albeit in Dutch. Not being able to get into the story very well at the time (being young and not liking the use of the Dutch language in the novel) I decided to delay my venture into Middle-Earth. In my early teens I decided to give the books another shot, this time in English, and absolutely loved it. With The Hobbit it's movie looking to be released in the near future and my recent interest in the Lord of the Rings games my interest in the world of Middle-Earth and Tolkien his works in general has renewed. The Silmarillion will be purchased, and the Children of Hurin will be started on soon. Besides my interest in Tolkien, I'm also very fond of music, especially the types made in the 60's and 70's, and am very interested in the Japanese culture and language. From here on out I will stroll through the many interesting sub-forums available here, and see if there's any discussions I fancy joining in. Smile Smilie Ichiro