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Hello everyone! I'm new to Planet Tokien and so I thought I would introduce myself here! I've been a huge Lord of the Rings fan for quite a few years now, and I am looking forward to meeting like-minded people. Have a great day!

Hello Alatàriël, Greetings from this family of alike Tolkien lovers. I wish you a great stay in PT and hope you find many wonderful forums that abide to your interests! Feel free to communicate with fellow members,  we love to hear from you. I hope to talk with you in the near future!



a heart felt welcome to you. Do come and be comfortable and stay. You will find this family warm and caring and intelligent and accepting. What more could any family boast.?

Welcome, Alatáriël! 

I hope you find lots for interesting posts to peak your interest and look forward to hearing your insight in Tolkien's world.



Welcome Alatàriël, I hope you find the site to your liking; I myself only joined a few months back yet have been a fan for a good few years. Have a brilliant time!

And welcome to yu too LadyAlys, I hope you are finding what you are seeking here. Er....interesting Avy mixed with your name!

Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome Alatriel and a delayed welcome to LadyAlyss (sorry I missed the chat)!

Lady Alyss,Alatriel..welcome

Hello, the bottom of the screen , there are little boxes that say "chat"....sorry, I am hopeless at this stuff....can anyone explain how this works ?.....

Alana:It's easy.When you click on that little chat'll see a list of people who are online.Click on the person you want to chat with and another box will open by it and you guys can type each other messages.Sadly the bottom-of-the-page chat doesn't really work for me.One can always go to The Prancing Pony on the top of the page coded as ChatSmile Smilie

Odette...thank  you so much...I am learning every day...haha....but I have to log off now...will catch you later....take care, my dear....




Greeting to all the newcomers that I missed over the past few months!! And to all those who remember me hello :P Waving Hello Smilie

Hello Alatariel

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!blush