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Hola! This is Lugdush, a brand-new member to PT from Sharkey's tower!

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Lugdush. I am Oerath, and I hail you from the dark and cold woods of the north.

But behold, it's morning, so the woods aren't so dark anymore, but await for the night to take back everything what belongs to it! Smile Smilie

Welcome and enjoy!

Hail, the fighting you shall feast on Man-Flesh.....

Welcome Lugdush, hola to you. I shall stand back and watch you carefully, put my best bread and mead on the table for you and hope we can have many interesting conversations. Be at home here .

Alana, he will indeed not feast on man flesh as long as I have bow and arrow! (however I do have some totally scintillating receipes for man flesh that are actually made from lentils and wheat, hope he does not know the difference.laugh