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Hello Im a teenager from Pennsylvania, US. Both my sister and my father are avid Lord of the Rings fans, so I decided to start reading them. Now Im in love JRR and his work. I have already read Lord of the Rings and I just started Children of Hurin. I would love to collect most of JRRT's books on Middle-Earth and I look forward to chatting on the forums and such Sincerely, Mim the Petty Dwarf

Welcome to PT, Mim. I notice that some other members are a little slow to welcome you, but fear not! This is a wonderful community and you'll have such a wonderful time here. The people here are such warm and friendly fellows and fellowettes that you'll feel like your home. I try to be on as much as possible, but life has a weird way of keeping you from people you love, so i can't be on all the time.

Welcome to PT Mim the Petty Dwarf, I hope you have a good timeindecision

Hello to both of you. Thank you for the greetings and I will hopeful have a ggood time here


Welcome Mim!  Im wondering if you have read the Silmarillion?  The chapters in which you are associated I find particularly interesting.

welcome mîm

Thank you for the welcome. And, Brego, I have not read silmarillion yet although I have been looking for a copy to read. I got Mim from The Children of Hurin.


i thought the name looked familiar

Welcome dear Mim.    Gimli and Brego,I miss you when I don`t see your posts. How wonderful to know you are still here.