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Hello everyone, it's my turn to introduce myself. I am a woman and I am 18 years old, I come from Denmark (and that means I'm not the best at the English) I am 75% Danish and 25 Norwegian, but it has not much to say


I'm a fan of LOTR, and I love Tolkien for what he has given us: the world of the fantasy adventure with dragons and so on. I could spend plenty of time talking about this right here and now, but really ... is this necessary at this assembly? I want to give me for who I am and none else, but I am  imaginative and have a childish soul ... so I would fit nicely here, where there are others who really want to live in Tolkien's tales.

I chose to be represented as a hobbit because it is that creature that best fits my nature and look. Of cause I am a human, but I do not really feel the same desire for material wealth that the human have a trend to have.

Well, I can start with my look, fairly low: 1.62 cm, there is of me. I am not slim, but rather chubby, I'm happy with that, as long it looks OK healthy. I have a round head with freckles, and blue eyes. Dark Blonde, and long hair with a touch of red. My feet are - unlike the Hobbit - reasonably small, and without hair (!).

When I'm happy my face turns like a big awkward smile with gums, and eyes that are completely pinched together because the smile pushes the cheeks up in front of my eyes.


I love good food and a lot of it, I love to eat with others, and I also like to cook by my self, especially Scandinavian food as we know it. Therefore I have therefore this tends to be somewhat round: I love food and I love to relax.

When it comes to exercise is enough long walks in the woods, the meadow or at the beach. I love nature, it is the prettiest in the whole world, nothing and I mean NONE of the work of mans creations can beat nature's splendor, so we must take care of it! When it comes to travel: I do not like the big city, that you may understand the last I wrote?

I would rather not travel far away, not south but north like when it should be. I prefer a place that is surrounded by Nordic mythology, and Scandinavian nature.


I'm clumsy, incredibly clumsy physically and mentally, I can trip on a bike although I stand with both feet on the ground, and I'm afraid of offending people unless I want to stand up for a cause - but in moderation.

Oh, I have so much to talk about, about all what I like! But.. I stop for now. I feel I've already said too much I do not know much about LOTR in now, but I am here to learn about it and get to learn to know people with similar interests as me. ask if you have something to say Smile Smilie


Love from Knoldespark

      Hi Knoldespark.

      A nice introduction!  You'll fit in fantastically here!  It's nice to see a Dane here too!  Jeg har studeret Dansk i otte måneder.  Det er en godt sprog.

      See you around the threads!


I hope that you like this site




A very happy welcome to you Knoldespark, you sound enchanting and I agree, you do seem to have a childish soul, full of the quiet splender of nature and your surroundings I am sure would be an absolute delight to JRR Tolkien. It will be a pleasure to get to know you. Although some of the regulars are away for now, just as Bilbo Baggins of the Shire explaied-each of us comes on to the stage in his or her turn, I am sure you will find plenty of company through reading the new and old threads. They are a wealth of information and personality.


hello Knoldespark. hope you enjoy the site, you will find that we all think as you do of LOTRindecision