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greetings to all the people of Arda! being new here i figured i should tell a little about myself. i am a relatively new (but very passionate) fan of J.R.R.Tolkien hailing from the united states. i only read the books about a year ago and the Lord of the rings immediately became both my favorite books and movies.without getting to preachy i would say the thing i enjoy the most about lotr as well as the Silmarillion (i have yet to read the hobbit) is just the dignity and general virtue that the characters display as well the sense that the author had some respect for his readers two qualities that in my experience most modern literature seems to lack. i look forward to getting to all of you in the community and i hope that i didn't put too many of you to sleep with my monologue!

Hi Alvin 11 and welcome to Planet Tolkien.  Like you I am also a fairly new convert to the world of Tolkien having read the LOTR three times.

You will find  a lot of interesting threads with meaningful  topics to peruse and capture your attention.

Namarie Alvin, welcome and please stay and breathe the fresh air of peace and fellowship that fills the atmosphere of Middle-Earth. And Withy you may have only been here a short while but you already made a great indentation on my heart and it is sad to me when you are gone away.

Alvin, I am having a Hobbit discussion group at the moment, I will contributing again tomorrow and you are welcome to click on the thread and read along. We started with page one and really only do a page every couple of days so that you can actually understand everything from the begiinning. No one is allowed to skip ahead so that helps in getting the right understanding of everything. I hope you can manage to get a copy and join in whenever it pleases you,

Welcome Alvin to Middle Earth. We love new visitors in this beautiful place. I hope you do stop by Hobbit discussion group. And maybe you will be able to stop by and smoke a barrel of my finest pipe weed.

Welcome Alvin. I have already ready your earlier thread and welcome a fresh thread on the Sil. Hope you enjoy the site. There are some wonderful contributers here and there is always something to learn.

hello Alvin. hope you enjoy your stayindecision

Welcome, welcome Alvin and Withydillow, and who else I failed to give a proper welcome to. Smile Smilie

Ditto to Amarie.

Welcome Alvin and I remember welcoming Withy perfectly well! Smile Smilie

Márave omentaina, Alvin Imladrisse! Alassea omentientye! Suilanye! Nalye as meldar sinome. Harya auri vanimar! Nai Anar calima tyelanna!

Well met, Alvin at Imladris! I am joyus to meet you! I am greeting you! You are with friends here. Have good days! May the Sun shine upon your path!