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Greetings to all my new friends here, I would like to introduce myself and get to know all of you. First, my name is Wenlesael. Wen for short. Hailing from Lothlorien, I am a guard of my Lady Galadriel. I am a young elf, but strong, courageous, wise and eccentric. I would like to start a thread of debate and discussion about the various fellowships throughout JRRT's books. There is of course the obvious Fellowship, in the LOTR trilogy, but other than that one there are other equally important groups of friends. Take for instance the party of dwarves and Bilbe, the hobbit, and Gandalf the wizard. A thoroughly unique bunch of friends! Each dwarf has his own personality! I personally like dwalin the best. Who is you favorite dwarf? I also enjoy the friendship and diversity of the Fellowship of the One Ring. It consists of a unique, unheard of friendship between a dwarf and an elf! I'll stop here and let others build off of what I've written. Hope this thread is enjoyable! ~Wen