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I am Finrod alThor and have been wandering the trails and paths of MiddleEarth for 25 yrs. I feel a tug towards the West often, but there is so much to see yet! I just ran across this site and thought i'd see what it was all about. Tolkien is the author that introduced me to other worlds but i'm an avid reader of the epic fantasy genre so am always looking for other destinations. Looking forward to meeting some likeminded beings here! Any guidance and suggestions are welcome.

Namarie dear Wanderer. The title of your post pretty well says it all. The only suggestion I have if for you to feel free to wander through these wondrous places, Imladris, Misty Mountains, The Shire is sumptuous in it rustic beauty, and of course you know my real home, Lothlorien. There are as many places as whims to go and along the way you will meet one awesome person after the other. There is no shortage of kind, exciting and companionable people to share your walk. Come and stay as long as you like.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Finrod. It's good to be a wanderer. I've scouted every land and forest this realm has to offer by myself, and as I use to say to each more or less known or unknown person:

'Greetings, traveler, what brings you here?'

- O.W.

Welcome Finrod I hope you enjoy this wonderful site.

Welcome Finrod! it's good to see new people wandering into this site.