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Hi Guys. Just a quick intro. Born and live in the UK, aged 47 and first got introduced to Tolkien at 9. Fervant fan ever since, I'll not use the word 'favorite', but, my most influential read of Tolkiens' is the Silmarillion (by a mile Wink Smilie ). I'm now retired, I was in early with the BBs's and at one point hosted one of Europes largest.....then the laws changed and I stopped Wink Smilie.....leaving room for Mr Gates to make his millions Smile Smilie Biggest achievment was co-developing Z-Modem, a computer protocol that enabled information to travel both directions, at the same time, along an analog phone line...doubling the BPS (Speed) mattered at the time. Looking forward to chatting and reading the forums. Sean

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Sean. Hmm, sounds quite interesting. Judging from your words, it seems that you posses some real IT skills.

Anyway, pleased to meet ya. I'm Oerath, a writer and a musician.

By the way, if you want to introduce yourself properly, or just for fun, head out to 'New Member's' or to 'Member's details'.

Hey Sean and welcome to PT

Welcome to PT Sean! If you need anything let us know and we'll be glad  to help you! Waving Hello Smilie

Hail Mikado and welcome.

Namarie , we are so pleased you have come. I see by the postings that you have already met up with some of our resident geniuses so you are already in good company. As for me I know little of what you were talking about, but I am always happy to learn.

Welcome Mikado! I'm Elbereth from Spain.