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Juggling Smilie Being VERY new here, I am hoping a few of you may be able to help me. I am looking for art work concerning Finrod Felagund, Fingolfin, and Nargothrond. I have had quite the time finding anything. Any help would be welcome. Thanks! Eruantiel

Hi Eruantiel! Welcome to PT. My name is Elbereth and I don't really know what you mean with artwork and stuff. Are you looking for pictures of these characters?

Welcome  Eruantiel to PT, it's brilliant to see so so many new people joining, I am Lady Alyss, i don't understand your question, what do you mean by artwork and stuff?

I'm looking for a drawing or sketch of the Nimloth. I don't know if Tolkien made one; I found tons of different Nimloths in websites but every one of them is different and furthermore which is the true one?

Have you looked on this forum in the threadabout Middle Earth related art? Some members posted links to portfolio's of the artists who created some Tolkien inspired art, I posted a couple of links also. Maybe you'll find something there. I'd post a link to the thread here, but can't remember the title and can't find it right now. 

I have been looking, thank you for the suggestion.. I haven't found it yet though, so if you come across it..... 

Hail and welcome. I remember seeing an image on line, of Beren frozen by the power of Glaurung's eyes at the great doors of Nargothrond. I can't remember which artist it belongs to. Perhaps try a google search on Tolkien art. Good luck and welcome to PT.

Namarie Eruantiel. I wish i could help you, but I don't know of anyone. We used to have some awesome art on this site by a few wonderful artists. What about sites that feature fan fiction and fan art, perhaps some of them? Or what about colleges or universities that teach courses in Tolkien and his works and languages, I would not be surprised if they had many fine pictures of your favorite character. Other than that I am quite unable to help you.

Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith and John Howe are Probably the most well know and recognised Tolkien inspired artists. Each has a website. Between the three you could almost put together a story board of all of JRRT's world. Take a look. By the way the scene I mentioned Above is by Tex Nasmith. Hope this helps.


I found the thread when we were discussing Middle Earth related art. Here it is:

You have some names of the illustrators there: Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith, John Howe, Pauline Baynes, Donato Giancola, Matt Stewarts, and some others. Hope you'll find what you need Smile Smilie

Welcome to PT Eruantiel Waving Hello Smilie