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Donir means dark/ gloomy youth. I would love to make friends here depite my name

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Donir. I'm afraid I don't get here as often as I would like anymore, but there are a great group of friendly, knowledgeable folk here who will make you most welcome.

Hello Donir, welcome to PT and enjoy your stay!

Welcome on the PT forums! Enjoy your stay!

Greetings and Welcome Donir!

Though my time here has yet been short, I'll say still: You are very welcome, Donir, and I hope we'll see more of you! And if it's friends you want, you're in a very good place. I could help you with that if you want. I know a young elf named Rukain who's open to new friends.*wink*

Yeah, welcome to Planet Tolkien, Donir. I hope you find this site very enjoyable. A lot to explore.

And oh, I like to mention it on occasions, but If you've particular interests in music or instruments, or even better, if you can play some instruments or sing, stop by 'Musician's Guild'-  and share some of your experiences. Long / short details, different styles, it's all welcome.

I'm Oerath, a poet, a writer, maybe a bard in some ways and maybe a musician too. Pleased to meet ya!

And one more time. Welcome to PT.

- O.W.

Donir, I like it the name! Step in, take a looksey around. Great place to hang!