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Hi guys. So, I'm archet, which is from LOTR, but it's not a name. I didn't realize we were supposed to pick names. I'm too young to say I'm a diehard fan, but it's my favorite movie, and I've read each book twice (OK I know it's not a lot, but I'm reading the Simallarion now too). I spend all my spare time reading parodies online, because I love all of them, and I've even written a few of my own. I'm not too good with computers, so I'm probably going to need some help Smile Smilie


Oh, and is there any way to change my username? I would like to change it, as Archet is not really a name, even though it sounds cool.

Hello and welcome! 

I think Archet is a pretty cool username, it doesn't have to be a genuine name. A word, title or random letters are ok too. It's all up to you. Smile Smilie

You can change your username here:

(This can be found if you click on 'account'  up where it says logout I account, and the under 'edit profile'Wink Smilie

Here you can also change your password, avatar and location (when you have earned enough mirthil).

Thanks. I really like the journals. I cant wait to write one (when I have time). I just don't know what to write about yet 

Hello, Archet.
Welcome to pt. I hope you like this wonderful place.

So what's that level thing about?

About that level thing: It has not been developed yet. But maybe Tarrant (the webmaster of Pt) will make a real level thing someday.
You said that you are too young to say that you are a diehard fan. How old are you?

12. I think Im the only LOTR fan my age, well at least where I live, so it's a bit weird for me.

But that's OK, because I am who I am. I said I wasnt a diehard fan because I know people were absolutely obsessed when the movie came out and all, and I as just a little kid then.

I'm actually not sure whether I should say my age, but it is a family friendly website, so I think its OK.

Welcome to PT Archet Waving Hello Smilie Actually, I think Archet sounds really great as a Name Wink Smilie

I'm 13 and I'm also the only Tolkien fan of my age were I live. (I live in The Netherlands near Amsterdam) I was 11 almost 12 when I began reading Tolkien. And I'm a huge fan.  But here age doesn't matter. Everybody is so friendly.
It was just a question, because I'm also young and fan of Tolkien.

I hope that you like this place. If you want to talk to me about something. Feel free to send me a PM.

Archet is a very nice name, it sounds good.

Oh my gosh!!!

I used to live in Den Haag, I just moved to Toronto recently.

That's really awesome!!!

Greetings and welcome Archet!

Hey Archet! That is a really nice name, no matter what. What does it actually mean?

Other than arwen, there is me and at least one other that are young like you. I am 14. Welcome!


Wow, very nice, another Dutch member. If you have any questions send me a PM. Or if you just want to talk. I like to talk about everything so please send me a PMblush

Hi there, Archet, you are very welcome...I am Alana from England, I am you can think of me as an older sister...(no , that doesn't mean yu can pull faces..)haha..only joking...hope you wil be very happy here....