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Hi everyone! I'm Ithilien. I'm originally from NYC, but moved to the UK a year ago. I've been a Tolkien fan for quite some time and am an avid reader of the books (currently re-reading The Hobbit for the third time!). It's great to be here!

Welcome Ithilien, beautiful name. What part of New York were you living in ? At any rate we hope you will feel very much at home and share all that is in your heart about this place, our awesome Professor Tokien and his works of genius.

Greetings, Ithilien, and welcome to PT! It seems that, though new to the site, you are certainly not new to Middle-Earth. The Hobbit is one of my favorite books of all time, not just of Tolkien. Well, I hope you stay a while and enjoy it here, and share whatever's on your mind!

Thank guys for the lovely welcome! Leelee, I'm originally from Brooklyn. Though I miss it sometimes, I'm glad to be where I am!

Looking forward to exploring the forum! Big Smile Smilie

Welcome Ithilien!

Thanks, Elbereth!

Dear Ithilien, I am sorry I couldn't welcome you properly in my last post. I run out of time lately... but always find a couple of minutes to come to PT and see what's new?

How had you dealt with the change from NY to UK? That's a big change, not only for the distance but culture of course. Well, now you can visit the places Mr. Tolkien saw during his life. That can be a fantastic weekend travel!

Enjoy your time in PT!

Hello Elbereth! It has been a significant change from life in New York. I've always thought of England as my second home and I simply love it here.

I have been wandering around Tolkien's old haunts (forgive the pun) quite often, as I'm only a good walk away from where he studied and worked, had his writing group (at the Eagle and Child pub) and even where he's buried.

I'm glad I found this site. It really is a lovely place!

Welcome to all who are new to PT, I have not been able to come on for a while but I hope you stay and enjoy! 

Welcome Ithilien. I hope your enjoying your return to the third age on you third reading of The Hobbit and of couse hope you enjoy PT. Brego

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Ithilien Smile Smilie 

 Smile Smilie   I iH

WELCOME!!!! (I'm excited because this is my 100th post!)

hello, everyone. I'm Otilia and I registered here because I want to make friends that also love tolkien and fantasy books. I've recently read The hobbit and The lord of the Rings and I began Silmarillion.

Welcome Otilia! I am sure you will make a lots of friends here and have fun in PT. You will see how nice is it!

Hello to Otilia

Welcome Otilia. I hope you like this place.

Welcome Otilia!