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Well met! I came across Planet Tolkien some weeks ago, while seeking out Tolkien communities online. I am the founder and leader of a guild of players and fellow Tolkien aficionados who enjoy The Lord of the Rings Online. Our in-game kinship is called "Sons of Numenor," and was founded in 2008. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing about Tolkien here, and invite anybody who has interest, questions, or curiosity about LOTRO to reach out and learn more! Regards, NWLB "Benjimir"

Hullo, we hope that you would take some time to look at the threads and get a feel of this our home away from home. Perhaps knowledge you glean might help you in your role playing. Whatever, thank you for dropping by. indecision


Indeed, that is my hope and wish.  Good role playing and fellowship is founded in finding quality people, and in LOTRO's case, if no playing with them, learning what one can. 

Well said NWLB. i must admit that i am all curiousity about the meaning of those stout and steady letters and whether you are a girl or a fellow. A true bit of intrigue here.

Welcome, NWLB, I guess you're one of the first people that have come straight from LOTRO, and even done such an introduction, but anyway - Welcome to PT.

I bet you'll find here everything that you need. Resource, knowledge, friends and most of all, time to have fun.

I'm Oerath Windsoul, or simply Oerath, a finnish musician and a writer. Well met.

- O.W.