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Greetings, everyone. I'm Calav, or Vince. Tolkien's books are my favorite reading. I'm not an expert, but i really like the Middle earth's mythology and i'm willing to learn more and more. Therefore, forgive me you all, for i don't have enough experience as you all, but i'll try to keep up. Calav

Welcome to PT, Calav. And oh, I don't see any reason, why you should even ask for forgiveness in the first place.

For example, I bet ya are more of an expert in Tolkien's mythology than me. I haven't ever studied it that much etc.

But I do have all of the books, and those are some good books indeed.

This site offers so much more, than just basic resource or stuff. Here, you can take part in so many and different things. Just take a look at the forums, there's like everything for everyone. For example, I'm a writer/musician, and I've been writing and sharing my works here for over two and a half years now.

So, I hope you'll enjoy of this site. Happy exploring!

- O.W.

Thank you, Oerath. 


I'm glad to hear that. I like to write too and makes me happy that here we can share this kind of material. 


By the way, i'll seek to know your works. =)


Dear Calav..............what Oerath said. And oh you dear Oerath you are the most straightforward and say it like it is guy.So endearing and I could read your posts a thousand times and never grow tired of them.

Oh, Rachel, you are way too kind. Smile Smilie

I enjoy of welcoming people to this wonderful site, but in my opinion, your speeches have something that makes me to think that if someone should be an official site greeter, I would definitely choose you, Rachel! Smile Smilie

And yeah, I guess I can be even a little bit too straightforward in my talks, but I'm not sure whether it's a bad thing or not.

Anyway, Calav, Leelee is the moderator of our precious and wonderful 'Poetry Thread'. She's always there, somewhere.. Awaiting for people to dot something down! (Oerath goes spooky!)

And I'll be looking forward to see and read your works! Visit us happy writers and poetry maniacs at: 'Do you have a poem to share - Undale - All poems here, please!'

Be welcomed once more, Brother Calav!

- O.W.

Dear Calav, you are welcome to PT! I hope you learn many things here and find friends all around the world who will make you have a nice time.

I had chatted with few people but all of them friendly kind fellows; through the threads you can make an idea of every person's character too . I can say that I am very happy of being part of PT, I wish you will discover it soon and tell us your opinion.

Enjoy it!

I have always loved the name Vince. So elegant.

I am not too kind Otto. You have simply made the threads come alive. One thing I do not do is say what my heart will not let me say. It is what it is. i simply cannot conceive anymore of this site without your input.

And Elbereth dear Vince, and Brego are two of the gentlest people here, hands down. I see it this way, Oerath is the giant Viking poet who walks on icy clouds on a starless night and lights the poetical trail so we can see. And Elbereth and Lady and others send words of gold and silver and precious diamonds upon the breezes and winds and raging storms, up up into the sky for all who will to read them upon a dark and starry eve.

Come now Calev and show us your heart.

Oh Leelee, your words touched me very deep. I feel overwhelmed. Thanks.

It's true that there are many "gifted" people in PT. Vince, when you search among all these threads in PT you will judge yourself. Some members are pretty sensitive, some others soooo sweet (Arwen Undomiel, for example), some others sing, write, etc. about things that they create or about Tolkien characters and worlds. This website is a world to escape from routine and stay for a while in paradise.

Greetings Calav. I hope you will enjoy yourself here at this wonderful site.

A very warm welcome, Calav! I hope you greatly enjoy this site. There are many writers here with many different styles and stories, and it's always wonderful to see another one join us!

btw, Elbereth, me sweet?! How kind of you.

There are many members at pt. Some are very good writers Oerath, Lady Alyss and Fahvier for example. Others have a great knowledge of Tolkien and Middle-Earth Brego and Galin for example. Others are such kind people like Elbereth and Leelee. If you met them they become very good friends.
Leelee, my dearest leelee is one of the moderators (Council Members). If you have a problem or if you want to talk you always can send her a message. I'm sure that she will answer as soon as possible. She is such an amazing and lovely person.
And of course is every member very kind. It's like one big family with kind, special and lovely people.
Sorry that I haven't said all names of great people here. But if I would do that my post would be much longer. Wink Smilie
If you want to talk you also always can send me a message. But maybe you don't want to talk to a 13 year old Dutch girl.
And if you have a problem with the website you can send a message or an email to Tarrant (Taz). His email address is


I hope you will like it here. Enjoyindecision

Well said Arwen, a big family. That's the best way to describe Planet Tolkien.