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[Mae govannen, everyone! I'm Caro, or if you wish, "Lyrr". I've been a huge fan of the Tolkien books since I was about 7. Before I discovered those books, I never really liked reading, but since I finished the trilogy along with "The Hobbit" a year or so later, I was hooked on Middle Earth and its mythology. The movies are, in my opinion, the best films ever made, especially seeing as they are adaptions from books. Jackson indeed did a fine job with that, retaining the books' epicness even through motion pictures! Other than reading Tolkien's books, I very much enjoy other fantasy and horror books as well. Photography, writing, (mostly poetry), and music are also some things which take up my days. Namárië, friends

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Lyrriana. I am sure your time here with our little family will be an enjoyable one. I am pleased JRRT opened your mind to the pleasure of reading. I used to read a fair amount prior to discovering Lord of the Rings, but the richness of Tolkien's world was something had never experienced prior to that. His introduction into fantasy for me gave me a new-found pleasure in reading that has not subsided in the many years that passed since then.

Reception to the films among Tolkien fans is mixed, but like you, I love them. I seemed to have waited half of my life for someone to make a decent film adaptation of the books, and when they came out I was impressed with their scale and quality. Some bits do niggle, but I tend not to dwell on those.

Anyway, have fun here, and if you need any help with anything, just leave a message somewhere.

Yes welcome, welcome. You were welcomed first by our Val, an originial council member and true Elf, one who is inseparable from the sea in real life. And the best story teller in the manner of Tolkien that you ca ask for. So, come and enjoy yourself, hopefully forever.

Hail Lyrriana. Welcome and enjoy fellow Elf of Rivendel.